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Whether you’re a business owner, lot operator, property manager, or a municipality, we have the answers to your pothole woes. Our innovative, patented truck designs are keeping road workers safe, while simultaneously skyrocketing efficiency of labor hours.

Check out our two main avenues of providing solutions below!

Leasing – Our technology, your operators. We design a program tailored to meet your needs!” text=”For companies and agencies interested in the using the Pothole Killer, that do not have sufficient staffing to perform the the repairs, Patch Management offers a leasing program tailored to meet your needs. Through this arrangement, Patch Management professionals will train the proper number of the leasing agencies operators on the PK2000 application, daily maintenance and performance expectations. PMI is always available to provide quality control and system maintenance.”][

Turnkey – Patch Management provides clients with everything required to complete their pothole road repairs!” text=”Patch Management ensures that all of their clients realize the full potential of the Pothole Killer. With this solution Patch Management will provide the PK2000 patcher with a skilled operator and the proper materials necessary to perform spray injection patching under the direction of the clients designated manager.”][

“Powerful Analytics + Total Visibility = Better Service” text=”When clients work with Patch Management, they receive immediate and exact returns on their investment. Through our accountability reporting system we can provide data to support your asset and risk management program, Patch Management can provide reports to our clients listing how many potholes were filled, and where the repair was done. We understand that our clients are accountable for the work they do, and the Pothole Killer makes sure that the work that needs to be completed is documented.”

“Professional Support – Complimentary!”

Included with both Turnkey and Leasing agreements, Patch Management’s professional support team ensures that the work you do with Patch Management is done quickly and efficiently. Patch Management’s professionals assist clients through any technical issues that may arise, and our decades of combined experience guarantee that your road repair work will go smoothly and be successful.

High Water Tables, Freezing And Thawing And Numerous Other Problems Have Our Roads and Parking Lots In Dire Need Of Repair!

Because of the budget constraints government and commercial property owners face today, the funding is not available to perform the major repairs and restoration projects that are necessary. This is why pothole repair is on the upswing.

Why cover several lanes of the road, tie up traffic for miles and in general cause chaos among commuters when there is a long term solution that is cost effective?

Patch Management offers the simpler way for all pavement repair and resurfacing needs. PMI can perform repairs under our turnkey services, lease you the equipment, and provide consultation to identify the best solution, we have the expertise to fill all your needs.