Pavement Management

Asphalt Management And Maintenance

Rising materials costs have the managers of our infrastructure seeking better and more cost-effective ways to manage assets. With these increasing costs, the value of our in-place materials rises and becomes more expensive to maintain at an acceptable level of service. Managers of these assets are seeing greater value in using a pavement management system to better maintain and repair their system in a more cost-effective manner.

Typically, a pavement deteriorates at an ever increasing rate. Initially few distresses are present, and the pavement stays in relatively good condition. But as it ages, more distresses develop making it easier for subsequent damage to occur.

Maintenance and rehabilitation are the two principal treatments used to extend pavement life. In general, maintenance can slow the rate of deterioration by correcting small pavement defects before they worsen and contribute to further defects. Beyond a certain point, however, defects become too large for correction by maintenance. At this point, rehabilitation can be used to correction of a large number of relatively severe defects, thus improving the pavement’s condition.

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Parking Lot Rehab Program

Potholes are filled with out spray-patch equipment.

Dips and leveling are corrected.

Patches are rolled to ensure smoothness and placement.

All cracks and rifts are filled with the proper crack seal or mastic depending on the application.

Drains are sealed and repaired, and then the lot of seal coated to ensure no water penetraition.

New line striping is applied for traffic flow, parking stalls and handicap parking.

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