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PK-2000 Spray Patcher
Pothole Repair

“The Pothole Killers!”

We have been doing Spray Patching for over 25 years. Our PK-2000 Patcher is modified to be more environmentally friendly than other patchers.

Available for any small or large scale patching need. From filling a pothole on a busy road while only using one person safely in the truck – or in your parking lot filling holes and other imperfections. These versatile vehicles are there to fix the problem for less than repaving.

The PK-2000 is also available for short or long term leasing. Reconditioned used PK-2000 vehicles are also available for purchase. Product support and training can be included if needed!

Parking Lot Rehabilitation

Using all the tools and talent we have acquired over the years we know offer a complete Parking Lot Rehab Program.

Our specialists will create a unique plan for your property that will correct any and all issues leaving you with a almost like new parking lot with curb appeal! All with no or little down time for your business! We are here to help you save it, not pave it!

Potholes filled, dips and leveling corrected, crack sealant, mastic, seal coating and fresh line striping – for a fraction of the price of repaving!

Crack Sealing

We have the right crack sealing material for each and every specific need.
Available as full service, or rent a crack sealing machine from us directly along with the materials. The right product for the right application!


What is Asphalt Mastic?

When you use concrete or asphalt for repairs, the road or sidewalk is left with gaps, as the materials are porous by nature. Asphalt mastic provides a much-needed seal to further protect the road, and sometimes can be used to fill a larger space.

For repairs in concrete or busy and heavily used roads/driveways. Fills big spaces or large cracks from expansion.

Also available as a full service, equipment rental and materials!

Seal Coat

High quality asphalt seal coat. Available as full service application and in bulk materials.

Line Striping

Highly visible, high quality line striping.
A great finish to any project!
Control traffic flow, refresh parking stalls, fire lanes and handicap parking!

Equipment Sales

Patch Management, Inc. is a certified authorized Cimline dealer and service provider. Contact us for pricing and availability on all Cimline products and equipment!


We also provide materials; stone, rubber sealant, mastic products, asphalt sealant, emulsion and much more. Contact us for more details!