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Filling Potholes Might Sound Simple, But Doing It Right Requires Advanced Technology

Patch Management has developed the most advanced technology and equipment in the industry to ensure that our process is quick, easy, and environmentally friendly. Pothole KillerBy using a truck-mounted unit that is operated by one person within the truck, our process is safe. Biodegradable materials and a spray patcher that finishes a job within minutes make us an industry leader in cost-effectiveness and environmentally responsibility.

The Pothole Killer, Known As The PK 2000, Is The Driving Force Behind Patch Management’s Success

The PK2000 Spray injection system is truck mounted unit operated by just one worker. Our system has the capabilities to send and receive text messaging and real time tracking allowing the dispatcher to see exactly where all equipment they have under lease is located and the direction it is heading. The dispatcher can contact the operator and direct the PK 2000 to a location for patching activity.

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Since just one person can operate the PK2000 on their own, the ‘Pothole Killer’ is safer and more efficient than traditional patching methods. Before, entire crews were dispatched to fill potholes, causing traffic problems, safety issues, and unnecessarily spent resources. One operator can use the PK2000 to fill a pothole in minutes and safely keep traffic moving in most weather conditions. And because of this technology no employee is required to stand on the roadway to complete the repair unlike the traditional method of the “throw and go” application, this is a true pro-active measure in employee safety.

Fast. Effective. Environmentally-friendly. Recyclable.

Patch Plus:

“Patch Plus” is the emulsion we blend. It works in below freezing temperatures and when moisture is present to ensure that our patches are successful year-round. After years of improving the PK2000, it is able to kill potholes quickly, efficiently, and with all the necessary materials on-board.

Equipment Manufacturer:

Patch Management International is the developer and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the PK2000 Spray Injection patcher. U.S. Patents are assigned and/or pending for the PK2000 equipment. We are continually developing this technology and leading the industry by bringing state of the art equipment and materials to perfect this process.

In many instances, both private and government clients do not have the staffing resources to operate the equipment under a traditional PK2000 lease arrangement, so PMI has established a turnkey service capability to support the needs of our current and future clients
PMI delivers a turn-key service by which PMI provides the PK2000, complete with materials and a skilled operator, to perform the spray patching services under the direction of the client.

Materials Manufacturing:

Because spray injection patching is a new concept in roadway preservation, and the asphalt emulsion material used by Patch Management was not always available, PMI became a materials manufacturer.

Because PMI is dedicated to serving clients year-round, it the PK2000 patcher is designed to operate in all weather conditions, as is the asphalt emulsion product it uses to repair potholes.

PMI remains focused on further research and development through its in-house research department. Currently, PMI has been granted a provisional patent pending for the emulsion material that the Pothole Killer uses to repair potholes in all weather conditions below 50 degrees.

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C1 On-Demand Combination Machine

Through a partnership with Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group, we are able to provide industry-leading technology and equipment for sale.

The C1 Mastic Machine is a specialty piece of equipment that’s a combination crack seal and mastic patch machine, designed to heat 24,000-lb of mastic material in an 8-hour shift.

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• Lowest load height and largest loading door in class

• Stress free boom with center pivot

• Weather proof simple seal controller

Since 1970 The Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group has focused on bringing innovative solutions to the Pavement Maintenance Industry. With a drive for performance and innovation, CPMG Continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors.

If you would like to purchase some equipment for your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us! We work with partners worldwide (we conduct business on multiple continents), and our equipment is the best on the market. At Patch Management Inc, we value safety, speed, efficiency, and so do our partners at Cimline.

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