What is Patch Management?

Our mission is to provide businesses, cities, property managers, schools, hospitals, and individuals with state-of-the-art pothole patching. We value the safety of our team, as well as efficiency and the use of responsible materials in the pursuit of fixing the ground we drive over.

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We are the “Pothole Killers!”
Patch Management, Inc. is your complete resource in
pavement management!

Our PK 2000 Pothole Killer is the most advanced spray-injection patcher in the industry, and our years of research and development combined with our vast experience and innovations make us the foremost figures in not just the spray injection road repair business, but all things in pavement repair and maintenance.

Let us help you proptect your large invest on your paved surfaces by having us help you “Save it! Don’t Pave it!”.

We are business professionals that understand the need to complete the job quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.  Our equipment and experience allow us to do just that. We fix potholes in minutes with a one-person crew, and our work is guaranteed to meet your expectations.  For our government clients, we save taxpayer dollars by filling potholes quickly and effectively. For our commercial customers, we offer the best opportunity to get the best return on your investment, preserve your property by saving it – not repaving it. With our pavement maintenance options we can get your property back on track and keep it that way longer!

Pothole Killer

We are a pro-active environmentally responsible company.  We’ve gone green, and despite the industry approach to  pothole repairs our process is friendlier to the enviroment.