Roads and Parking Lots

Service, Materials and Equipment

Troubled roads?
Any time of the year, Patch Management is there with our Pothole Killer road patchers!

Parking Lot need a lift?
Our Parking Lot Rehab Program can bring you up to speed – keeping you lots looking great, limiting liability and extending the life of your paved surfaces.

While others may try to convince you to repave, we offer you a way to save. With our equipment and technology, we are not only the best choice in reliable spray injection pothole services, but also the most cost effective and efficient choice for parking lot rehab and preventative surface repairs.

PK2000 Pothole Killer

Watch us in action repairing potholes in Philadelphia, PA.
All our lease patcher are equipped with cameras to make sure you see the work that’s being done.

Patch Management, Inc. HQ.