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This Winter is expected to be rough, and your parking lot is likely to take a beating. If your parking lot has weak spots in fall, then winter will find them, and you’ll be paying for it come spring. That’s why it is so important to give your parking lot a look over while it’s still easy to do so and assess whether or not your asphalt pavement needs a little extra love before it spends the next few months being salted and dealing with the constant freeze/thaw cycle.

Cracks, holes and pooling water are all symptoms of a parking lot that needs help. Left unchecked, water will get into those cracks and holes and when it freezes it will continue to destroy the asphalt which means more expensive repairs come spring!

Here are a few tips to prepare your parking lot for the winter ahead!

1. Pothole Repair
Potholes are the most obvious form of damage, but letting it go unchecked and waiting for the Spring will just lead to larger holes.  If water fills up a pothole it can expand, making the pothole bigger. A small pothole in the summer will only grow in the winter months.

Pothole repair is what we do. Faster, cheaper and longer lasting than conventional throw and go or cut out repair methods. We have been doing it for over 25 years. Fill the hole and stop the water from getting under the surface.

2. Crack Seal
Even small cracks can be a significant problem if not handled properly. Cracks often lead to stormwater getting into the underlying rock supporting the pavement, and if the sub-base gets damaged, more cracks and holes can appear. These new cracks lead to even more water getting in, and the cycle continues. Dealing with small damages ahead of time saves you from trouble later on.

3. Pooling Water
Pooling water on your asphalt could mean the top layer is uneven. When this occurs, it may indicate a more significant problem with the sub-base, and without proper attention, an uneven area could quickly turn into a pothole. The correction may be as simple as patching the dipped section to make a level surface, or if the pooling water is really bad a drain might have to be installed.

What’s more, pooling water in warm months means ice in the cold months. Avoid slips and falls on your property by fixing the problem as soon as possible.

We have the ability to fill in those uneven spots using the same technology we fill potholes with. We use a skim-coat spray of rock and emulsion and then roll it flat and even to eliminate where the water pools. Not only protecting your lot from damage, but making your lot safer than when the water pools and freezes!

Give us a call now to set up an appointment to evaluate and get you a free quote on Winter Prep before it gets too cold! A little preventive maintenance now can save you big come Spring!

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Post Author: Eric Zettlemoyer