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Parking Lot Rehab!

This past July we started a new service; Parking Lot Rehab. Simply put – we take everything we knew about pothole repair, crack sealing, mastic, seal coat and line striping to make a complete package for our customers.

We were lucky enough to have one of our customers be kind enough to let us chronicle the process and take pictures throughout!

Lou’s Farm Market, Bensalem Pennsylvania

The general manager of Lou’s reached out to Patch for some lot maintenance. She was concerned with the overall appearance and safety of the lot for her customers. Being a small family ran business, she thought she didn’t have a large enough budget to accomplish everything she wanted.

The lots of this busy local market had begun to reflect its age and constant use. Signs of previous repairs were evident. Upon visiting her for an estimate, we suggested a total rehab of the lot.

There were cracks, dips, rifts and faded parking lines. We let her know the longer the cracks were left unchecked, the more damage would appear from water and winter damage. More extreme damage and formation of pothole would lead to a more costly repair project and perhaps if left long enough, repaving would be the only option.

Luckily we were able to offer solutions that would solve all the issues in the lot, and well within her budget. We were able to create a plan that would let her leave the lot and her business open while we did work. The total project took only 3 days, working before and after the location was open.

The process starts with sectioning off the area to create a safe work zone. Workers then clean off the surface so that all treatments and repairs stick to the existing asphalt and repairs last longer.

This lot needed some holes and dips filler to create a flat smooth surface. We used out PK-2000 spray injection “Pot Hole Killers” to complete this task!

Uneven areas are marked. The patcher comes in and sprays a layer of emulsion down. Followed up a mix of loose rock and more elusion. Once the driver has leveled off the hole or the dip, dry rock is sprayed on for a top layer.

To create a smoother finish and ensure no edges are present, we smooth out the surface with a roller. This ensures the material is packed into the hole and no edges are present for water to seep into later.

Once the holes are patched and the lot is leveled, we follow up with sealing and repairing all the cracks. After that we seal coat the lot – one base coat, and a second final coat. Finally we put down fresh line striping.

We were able to take an old looking dangerous lot and quickly and safely transform it in a few days.

For more information, or to schedule an inspection/estimate for your property. Please contact us!


Let our friendly operators know you are looking for a Parking Lot Rehab and they will get you to one of our experienced experts!