About Patch Management Inc
(aka “The Pothole Killers”)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide businesses, cities, property managers, schools, hospitals, and individuals with state-of-the-art pothole patching. We value the safety of our team, as well as efficiency and the use of responsible materials in the pursuit of fixing the ground we drive over.

It All Started With A Patented Industry Innovation

In 1992, Scott Kleiger developed and patented the most commonly manufactured Spray Patcher in the industry, and in 1998, paired with CEO Lew Tarlini to found Patch Management, Inc. Since then, Patch Management Inc. has become synonymous with the famous “Pothole Killer,” PK2000 spray patcher. The Pothole Killers quickly became successful as the only company that offered large-scale road repair solutions to government and commercial clients. As the company has grown, it has also changed significantly, fine tuning the spray patching process to become more efficient and more environmentally friendly system. Now more than a decade old, Patch Management’s team boasts nearly a century in industry experience, and will continue to be the pothole solution experts for years to come. From our roots in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we have grown from coast to coast, and will soon work internationally to fill potholes faster and cleaner than anyone in the world. We are the largest provider of Spray Injection Patching Services in the World today.

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