Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes the PK2000 (Pothole Killer) more effective than other pothole repair methods?

A1. The PK2000 is the best choice for pothole repair for a number of reasons.  First, it only requires one worker to operate the truck.  Instead of using a full crew, one person can operate the pothole killer to complete a job within minutes, in any weather, any time.

Q2. What has Patch Management done to make the PK2000 more environmentally friendly?

A2. Patch Management has a patented cleaning system that requires no solvent materials, and instead uses a high-pressure air system to safely clean the equipment.  Patch Management uses recycled tires to create road patches, and 100% of the materials are used in the process.  No waste is created.

Q3. Does PK2000 operate in bad weather conditions as well as it does when conditions are good?

A3. Yes.  For example, if a water pipe breaks underground during the winter, and as crew has break ground to dig and fix it, the Pothole Killer can be on site and patch the hole within minutes, creating a perfectly drivable road surface immediately.

Q4. How long does it take for the Pothole Killer to fill a pothole?

A4. For most potholes, the PK2000 is able to arrive, patch the road, and move on in 60-90 seconds.  The moment the PK2000 creates the patch, the road surface is ready for cars to drive on safely.  Even for the biggest potholes, the Pothole Killer can be in and out in less than five minutes.