March 9, 2015 ‘Pothole Killers’ return to Cleveland, part of $43 million streets improvement initiative

CLEVELAND, Ohio — For the second year in a row, the city of Cleveland will use the so-called Pothole Killers to blast asphalt into the city’s most treacherous craters as part of a larger $43 million streets improvement initiative.

The city will spend up to $250,000 on a contract with Patch Management Inc., operator of the Pothole Killer, a self-contained unit that can fill a pothole in fewer than 90 seconds, even in below-freezing temperatures.

During an interview Monday, Cleveland Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown said that the city has begun dispatching two of the units for eight hours a day, one on the East side and one on the West, focusing first on residential streets in the worst condition.

Between four and six street department crews also will work two shifts a day, five days a week and one shift on Saturdays, packing hot asphalt into potholes until April 1, when as many as 12 city crews will be deployed per shift, Brown said.

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