August 19, 2014
Pothole Killers Arrive in Seymour

Pothole Killers Arrive in Seymour
City turning to modern method of pothole repair for a two-week trial

Fairless Hills, PA – The road to smoother roads is about to be paved in Seymour, CT. Administrators in Seymour became so impressed with the work the Pothole Killers had done in Bridgeport (about 25 miles away) that they decided to contract for a two-week trial of the same system in their city.

“This is an 80-hour pilot program to evaluate how the Pothole Killer spray injection application can support the city’s pavement preservation initiative with the spray injection technology, Patch Management, Inc. President Craig Baclit” said. “After my team and showed Seymour officials what we had done in Bridgeport they wanted to deploy the same technique here.”

The Pothole Killers, an invention of Pennsylvania-based Patch Management, Inc., employ an innovative system that is quicker, safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional crew-based efforts. From the safety of the Pothole Killer cab, a single vehicle operator controls a hydraulic boom, which clears the pothole of debris, applies liquid asphalt to fill and seal it, and then tops it off with a dry aggregate coating.

The repaired roadway is immediately ready to handle traffic. The whole process takes roughly 90 seconds per pothole – essentially the same as the wait at a typical traffic signal. The repairs, on the other hand, last for several years.

“A Patch Management employee will perform the work during this pilot period and show and teach Seymour’s crews how the machine works. We will be extremely productive in getting to as many potholes as possible,” said Baclit. “Like Bridgeport, Seymour can look toward next winter to go into a program in which the city leases Pothole Killer trucks and has city workers handle the work.”

According to Seymour Director of Operations Tony Caserta, the city is preparing to issue bonds for what will be a $12 million effort to repair, replace and rebuild the city’s roads and drainage systems. If this pilot with the Pothole Killers proves successful, future pothole work could be included in the package.

Work on Seymour’s roads begins tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12.

Patch Management has been expanding its national coverage area, with current operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Washington, DC and elsewhere including Brazil!

“We spent years perfecting our technology and honing our approach. Our application is environmentally friendly. And we save governments and taxpayers significant amounts of money and resources with this technology,” Baclit said.