September 24, 2012
Patch Management Adds PA’s First Public Access Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station at Bucks County Headquarters
Patch Management President Craig Baclit (right) congratulates Clean Energy Sr. V.P. Peter Grace on opening of Pennsylvania first public access compressed natural gas station – on the property of the Pothole Killers.

Patch Management President Craig Baclit (right) congratulates Clean Energy Sr. V.P. Peter Grace on opening of Pennsylvania first public access compressed natural gas station – on the property of the Pothole Killers.

(Fairless Hills, Pa., September 24, 2012) ­– Patch Management’s position as the most environmentally friendly pothole repair company in the world took another step on September 18, 2012 when Clean Energy opened its first public access compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Pennsylvania at PMI’s headquarters in Fairless Hills, Bucks County.

The PMI trucks, known as Pothole Killers, already use recycled liquid solution to heat the pothole filling material and recycled tires to complete the road patches but the trucks until now have been powered strictly by diesel fuel. The installation of the CNG station on PMI’s property and others like it across the nation will allow PMI to begin converting some of the company’s trucks to operate in areas where CNG is available.

Bill Rickett, executive director of the Bucks County Transportation Management Association, said he and PMI CEO Lew Tarlini knew CNG was the future several years ago when they began talking about this project. “This was before Marcellus Shale and before we knew anything about natural gas in Pennsylvania, Rickett said.

Tarlini, who also serves on the board of Bucks County Transit, had been advocating for converting as many public transit vehicles as possible to CNG to create a situation more attractive to Clean Energy. Offering the PMI site to locate the station was Tarlini’s way of ensuring that the deal would be completed. “Lew is the man who made this happen, providing the location and the property to place this station,” Rickett said.

“Not only does this station help our immediate area, but it helps us as a company,” said PMI President Craig Baclit. It’s our desire to add this equipment into our fleet because we want to support independence from foreign fuel and we want to support a greener environment. That’s what we’re all about. Our main motto is, we lean towards green.”

Baclit noted that that PMI is working with manufacturers to get their equipment to be compatible with PMI’s capacity. “We have unique features that we need in order to perform our services, so it’s not as easy to retrofit our vehicles as it is for some of the other industries that have converted,” Baclit said. 

At the grand opening event, Peter Grace, Senior VP for Sales at Clean Energy thanked PMI for its role in the project. “It takes leaders to make a project like this happen and PMI is clearly a leader in providing the property and direction to go this way. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the economics of its businesses,” Grace said.

Grace added that said Clean Energy plans to have about 150 CNG stations along all major interstates in the U.S. by the end of 2013, including two in Pennsylvania. He said that smaller stations like the one at PMI are also needed for fleets that are more localized with busses, smaller trucks and even cars.   

Talks with Clean Energy on locating a station in Bucks County began almost five years ago. Natural gas will be piped in through PECO lines direct from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region.

Consumer Reports magazine says CNG has much cleaner emissions than gasoline or diesel while providing similar fuel economy, performance, and drivability. Its cost can be about half that of gasoline.

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