The Pothole Killer, known as the PK 2000, is the driving force behind Patch Management’s success.

The PK2000 Spray injection system is truck mounted unit operated by just one worker. Our system has the capabilities to send and receive  text messaging and real time tracking allowing the dispatcher to see exactly where all equipment they have under lease is located and the direction it is heading. The dispatcher can contact the operator and direct the PK 2000 to a location for patching activity.
Pothole Killers Truck
Since just one person can operate the PK2000 on their own, the ‘Pothole Killer’ is safer and more efficient than traditional patching methods. Before, entire crews were dispatched to fill potholes, causing traffic problems, safety issues, and unnecessarily spent resources. One operator can use the PK2000 to fill a pothole in minuites and safely keep traffic moving in most weather conditions. And because of this technology no employee is required to stand on the roadway to complete the repair unlike the traditional method of the “throw and go” application, this is a true pro-active measure in employee safety.