Spray patching involves our truck-mounted equipment to spray a non hazardous  material that is used to fill potholes, we are also testing an application where we can use material from recycled tires in our process as we make roads safer.

Traditional methods require entire crews of road repair personnel to use shovels and materials that have a shelf life to repair potholes this process requires more time and labor. By using spray patching, the job is done fast, and lasts for years and is a safer process for the road repair personnel since the repair is completed from inside the spray patcher cab using hand controls.

Our state-of-the art spray patcher, the “Pothole Killer”, can tackle your toughest patching and repair challenges, including:

Potholes, Utility Cuts, Alligator Cracks, Bridge deck Repairs, Sink Holes, Concrete Repairs and Edge Erosion.