March 9, 2015
NJ.Com: N.J. preps $4M army of pothole killers and fillers for battle with besieged roads

The state’s transportation boss outlined his battle plans today for doing war with the advancing army of potholes popping up on highways and interstates.

Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox said the state is prepared to spend $4 million and commit 67 crews and 13 rented pothole killer trucks to the pothole fighting-effort this winter.

“I believe this winter has been particularly difficult,” Fox said. “When you have a lot of ice, it causes more damage to the roads.”

Most of that money will be spent to fill potholes between March and April, Fox said at a press conference. Fox said the pothole filling effort probably will continue through April.

Marco Hernandez of Ewing blamed potholes for having to replace a tire this year. But he had kinder words for the DOT’s efforts than how towns are handling the bumper crop of potholes.

“It’s the smaller, local roads that are worse,” he said. “They’re trying, but they can only do so much.”

He’s not alone. Rudy Surin of Trenton said he believes last winter, and the pothole season it spawned, is worse than this year’s crop of road craters.

“It was probably worse last year because of the snow,” Surin said. “I had to repair a couple of tires last year.”

Other drivers said local roads are in the worse condition than state highways.

“There are a lot of potholes in Robbinsville and Hamilton, most of them are on local roads and in parking lots,” said Danielle Choi of Robbinsville. “It probably worse this winter.”

State DOT officials said they’re expecting to fill 300,000 potholes than last year, a third more than the 180,000 holes typically filled in a year.

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