March 12, 2015
NBC New York: Hoboken Addresses Pothole Problem With New Technology

The so-called “pothole killer” machine is coming to Hoboken, one of several cities in New Jersey contracting the truck after a brutal winter left behind more potholes than usual.

The city says it will be completely repaving more than 50 blocks of roadway beginning this spring. The pothole killer truck has already repaired hundreds of potholes and utility cuts along Washington Street.

The single-operator truck uses spray injection technology to quickly clear potholes of debris, apply liquid asphalt to fill and seal it, and then top it off with a dry aggregate coating — all taking about 90 seconds per pothole. The weight of the traffic then packs it all down.

City officials say the truck is a better, more long-lasting solution than the cold-patch material used in the past to fill potholes, which was more easily ripped out and often required heavy-duty equipment to vacuum up gravel and rocks from roads.

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