October 19, 2009
Expanding Bucks County Pothole Patching Company moves to larger site

Expanding Bucks County Pothole Patching Company moves to larger site

(Fairless Hills, Pa., October 19, 2009) – Patch Management International, the world’s largest supplier of spray injection equipment and supplies, has moved its headquarters to a 10,000 square foot building with more than 3.5 acres of ground in Fairless Hills, PA.

“Our existing 6,000 square foot facility in Morrisville was restrictive in that we were unable to develop the site to accommodate our ongoing growth needs, and we reached the point where we found it difficult to sustain our manufacturing, research and development operations and daily business activity. Simply put, we outgrew the building,” says PMI CEO Lew Tarlini.

Repairing potholes through the spray injection system involves a single operator who never leaves the vehicle. He directs the truck’s nozzle over the pothole, then fills and seals it. This process is in contrast to the old fashioned method of a 2-3 person crew shoveling material into the pothole.

The cost and environmental benefits of the spray system have led to tremendous growth in the industry and for PMI in particular. Still, to remain the leader in the field, the company continues to develop new innovations, driving the need for more space.

“With the level of Pothole Killer inventory combined with the other activities that are related to our manufacturing, research & development, materials, operations and daily business functions, we required a larger facility that could be expanded to incorporate the new technology and development being conducted by Patch Management to improve the Spray Injection application,” according to PMI president Craig Baclit.

PMI was determined from the outset to remain in Bucks County, PA because of a transportation network that provides easy access to major highways such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike, US-1 and I-95, all of which facilitate a rapid response to meeting customers’ needs.

PMI requires open space to maintain the specialty materials inventory, the PK2000 Spray Injection Patchers and other equipment that is used to support the Spray Injection system.

As a pro-active and environmentally responsible company, PMI is using environmentally friendly materials in building finishes where available, i.e. low volatile organic compounds (VOC) wall finishes and energy efficient fixtures and insulation materials.

The new site at 451 Tyburn Rd includes 3.67 acres of open space, with the building comprising of 10,000 square feet under roof. This facility allows each of the operating units, sufficient space to meet the current needs but also provides the capability to expand to meet future growth needs.

The relocation by PMI took place on September 30, 2009. The building is currently undergoing modifications that are designed to make the configuration efficient and to provide operational departments with better access into the building by adding new overhead drive through bay doors. The office renovations and operational department modifications are due to be completed in mid November 2009.

Read more about PMI at http://www.potholekillers.com