September 14, 2009
Columbus to consider new “green” way to fill city’s potholes

Columbus to consider new “green” way to fill city’s potholes

Columbus is considering a new system that can fill potholes year-round, and do it in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Officials from Patch Management Inc. will demonstrate the new system for Columbus’ Manager of Street Maintenance Tim Baker on September 15, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. The demonstration will take place on Abner Avenue, between Weber Road and Oakland Park Ave. just east of McGuffy Road.

Columbus first made the switch from the old fashioned system of using a 2-3 person crew to fill potholes more than 10 years ago, replacing the system with spray patching trucks from Patch Management. The process that will be demonstrated on September 15 represents the next generation of pothole repair.

The Patch Management “Pothole Killers” system uses only one crewmember, who never needs to leave the truck. Instead, the operator points the vehicle’s nozzle at the pothole and sprays in a substance to fill the hole which is then topped off by a barrier coating made from recycled tires.

Instead of going into landfills, these tires are finding a use. Another eco-friendly aspect of this system is that it doesn’t release waste into the environment. The solution used to clean the pothole filling substance chamber stays in the chamber. Current systems use diesel fuel to clean the chamber and the used fuel then has to be dumped.

“The industry has gradually moved away from the system where workers are out on the road filling the potholes to the spray system,” said Lew Tarlini, CEO of Patch Management. “Forward thinking cities like Columbus are now looking to minimize the effect on the environment from road repair.”

Mr. Baker and the inventor of the “Pothole Killers” system, Scott Kleiger, will be available to explain the benefits of the system and how the system works.

Eco-Advantages to the Patch Management pothole killer system:

    • Because you can fill a pothole in 60-90 seconds, one truck can fill many more holes each day than the old style system, thus much less fuel is used for trucks.
    • Patch Management has begun using recycled rubber from discarded tires in the application; this new innovation is used as a protective barrier so traffic can immediately flow.
    • Vehicles employ an internal cleansing chamber that recycles a biodegradable cleaning agent to clean the asphalt emulsion system, eliminating the need to expel any cleaning materials into the environment – an industry first
    • Efficient materials management: This process wastes very little material, and materials are delivered as needed, limiting need to store
    • Because of Patch Managements innovation, of equipment and materials the Pothole Killer equipment can perform repairs when temperatures are below 32 degrees
    • Filling potholes is Patch Management’s only business, so the company devotes its entire focus to leading the industry with environmental and efficiency innovation

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