The Patch Management Team

Lew Tarlini – Chief Executive Officer

Lew Tarlini has developed and taken ownership interest in several businesses. His business interests have included farm markets, landscape materials distribution, real estate ventures, a pavement company, and Patch Management.

In 1998, Lew started TP Pavement, Inc., which specialized in macadam overlays. About that time, Lew met Scott Kleiger and together they noticed that while many companies offered services to patch potholes, there was a void in the market for a company that could offer larger scale solutions as a complete system. Together, they started Patch Management, Inc. in 1998 to offer such a solution to municipalities and other large-scale users. Patch Management now owns the largest fleet of Spray Patchers in the world. Because of Mr. Tarlinis Pro-active business vision and the financial commitment PMI has continued to develop state of the art technology and truley leads the industry. Our customer base includes Departments of Transportation, Cities, Local Municapalities, Townships and Departments of Public Works throughout the Country, a few areas where we provide our solutions; Maryland , Delaware , Connecticut , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , several turnpike authorities, and many cities including New Orleans, Washington DC, San Diego , San Francisco , Los Angeles , New York City, Philadelphia , Camden , and a multitude of smaller cities and towns throughout the country.

Scott Kleiger – Shareholder

Scott Kleiger is the leading expert in the field of Spray Injection Patching. As a standing member of the International Technical Committee of AEMA, his knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed. Scott was awarded by the Construction Industry Forum (CIF) as the Best Innovator of the Year. Interestingly, the Spray Patcher existed for many years before the industry finally recognized it as a new innovation – clearly Scott was way ahead of his time.

In 1992, Scott developed and patented the most commonly manufactured Spray Patcher that is currently produced and marketed. To date, over 200 of these trucks have been sold.

Patch Management offers a system solution to pothole management. From the invention of the equipment, through selection of emulsion formulas and proper aggregate, to the final application of the patch, and even after – Scott Kleiger and his team are the recognized industry experts. Soctt is also responsible to lead the reaserch and development team with all technology related to the PK2000 system and the materials that are used in the process.

Craig Baclit – President

Since joining Patch Management International in January 2006 as the company’s president, Craig Baclit has overseen PMI’s transition into an organization with a global perspective.

His responsibilities include overseeing the day to day operation of the business, developing new business, ensuring financial stability and creating structure that positions PMI for continued national and international growth. He believes that the road to customer satisfaction and corporate success comes through focusing the business on one niche product, and providing that product in a more technologically efficient and reliable manner than any other company.

Mr. Baclit also serves as PMI’s representative with all levels of government officials to develop policies that support the spray injection road patching process. Through educating the Legislative Leaders on the technology and benefits of this application within Government and how this is an economical and efficent solution to the pothole repair needs of the Governments roadways.

Mr. Baclit brings 30+ years of senior level management experience to his position. His financial responsibilities have included forecasting, budget management, and full P&L accountability. Other duties he’s performed include policy development and implementation, quality control, purchasing management, contract negotiations, construction management, inventory management, specifications development and personnel management.

Mr. Brian Preski Joined Patch Management Inc in November 2013 as the Director of Government Affairs and Marketing, Brian has extensive experience in Government Operations, Legislation, and Budgets. Mr. Preski has developed a sales team that is focused on business from Texas, along the East coast up to Maine.