The technology that makes the Pothole Killer so effective also makes it environmentally friendly.

In the industry it is the standard practice that spray injection equipment produces anywhere from 5-10 gallons of diesel fuel-based solvent that is used to clean the asphalt delivery system on a daily basis. This by product must be stored before it can be disposed of safely and properly.

By re-designing  our original PK2000 system we developed a high-pressure air cleaning system and through the use of our biodegradable cleaning agent each machine will clean itself using less than 2 gallons of cleaning agent, and our method produces NO WASTE materials from the asphalt cleaning process. And because we use a biodegradable product we can recirculate this material in the cleaning system over a 6-8 week period that can then be recycled to the emulsion storage tank and used in the patching application.  This means that every time we deploy one of the Pothole Killers to fill a pothole, the process remains faster, cheaper, and now greener, than anyone in the industry.

The Patch Management system uses only one crewmember, who never needs to leave the truck to fill a pothole to complete a job. The operator points the patchers delivery nozzle at the pothole and sprays a mixture of asphalt emulsion and stone to fill the pothole which is then topped off by a barrier coating of material to prevent tracking while the repair sets up, we are testing a barrier material that is made from recycled tires this application will permit us to have tires removed from the waste stream and used in a road repair application.